Can "Pending" recipients automatically be reminded to confirm their subscription?

Pending recipients are those that received the subscription confirmation email from the system (double opt-in), but did not confirm their subscription. The system by default allows you to activate an event-based message that can be used to alert pending recipients to confirm their subscriptions (for additional event-based messages, you will need to purchase the Marketing+ package: ask your account manager about it).

To setup the automated reminder for pending subscribers:
  • Log into the system administration area
  • In the left-side navigation, select Event Based Msg > Saved
  • Click on the Edit icon for the item shown, which by default is entitled "Confirm your subscription"
  • Review the settings (see the screen shot below)
  • Activate the automated reminder by switching the status to Enabled
  • You can select the message that will be sent using the corresponding drop-down menu. The message can of course be edited.
Remind pending recipients

Once this event-based message is enabled, pending recipients will automatically be notified N days after the subscription confirmation message has been sent to them, where N is the number you specified in the settings.

Make sure that the message you send contains the subscription confirmation link. See this article for more information about creating a good subscription confirmation message.

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